School Principal Fired for Having Sex with NYPD school-safety agent and Parent during School Hours and Leaving Dirty Photos on School’s Computers

Annie Schmutz Seifullah, a 35-year-old 7th-12th grade principal of the Robert Wagner Secondary School of Arts and Technology, in Long Island City, Queens, was on Thursday fired for having Sex with a security guard and a parent during school hours and leaving racy photos on departments computers. (see photo below – image is not safe for work)

Detectives investigating the allegations seized computers and other electronics from her office and home, which contained pictures of her wearing only lingerie and engaging in various sex acts including a threesome. ‘We are appalled by these disturbing allegations and acted swiftly to remove the principal while the matter is under investigation, This type of behavior is completely unacceptable for any DOE employee.’ a Department of Education spokesman mentioned.

Seifullah’s activities were revealed after a romantic relationship with a student’s father came to a bitter end and the scorned lover turned over three department laptops he obtained while living with the principal.

The unidentified dad also gave investigators a video and audio tape in which Seifullah allegedly confesses to engaging in oral sex with an NYPD school-safety agent in the school security office. She also admits to getting frisky with an assistant principal in a book-storage room during school hours, while he was visiting from another school.

‘I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t know why I thought it was OK,’ she tells the angry father in the tape, after he accuses her of cheating. ‘You gave him [expletive] while my child was in the building,’ he yells in the recording.

The dad also claims Seifullah admitted she had multiple rendezvous with an ‘old lover’ in a ‘hidden location’ inside the school. The father said he came forward because the mother-of-one ‘played me for a fool.’ ‘Ms. Seifullah clearly used her power and position as principal to . . . seek several sexual partners at her school,’ he charged.

The principal, whose annual salary is $136,959, lent her lover money, according to records, handing over $10,000, plus $500 and $300 money orders. She also testified in Queens Family Court as a character witness in his custody battle with his wife. She spoke as both his child’s principal and as the dad’s ‘girlfriend’ while on the stand.

Dating colleagues or parents of students is not against school policy however performing sexual acts inside a school or placing sexual images on school equipment could bring about misconduct charges.
Sefullah uploaded a picture of herself with the father, naming him and declaring with a heart icon, on her now-defunct Facebook account last July with the caption: ‘A single dad walked in the office of my school and swept me off my feet.’

The pair split in March. Seifullah filed for divorce, presumably from her four-year-old son’s father, last summer. The divorce is still pending.

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