Behold The Black Burger From Burger King Japan !

Burger King Japan is selling a brand new black burger.Even the cheese and the bun on the Kuro burger are black, blackened by bamboo charcoal. What about the special sauce? Yep, black, blackened by squid ink. All black? Well, the meat is prepared with black pepper, but it still looks more brown than black.

Even though this may seem unusual, foods are commonly dyed black using squid ink in many parts of the world. For instance, it’s common to see both bread and pastas died black when accompanying seafood. However, bread and pasta are not cheeseburgers. Cheeseburgers are not supposed to be black.

No one told Burger King in Japan because starting September 19, patrons of America’s sixth best fast food burger can get their hands on the Kuro Burger made with a beef patty (regular beef colored), black cheese (made with bamboo charcoal), a black bun (dyed with squid ink), and special sauce (black garlic, for the record, and also black).

Apparently this Burger is not going to be sold in the US. Although there are no current plans to bring the darkened delicacy to the US, the burger is on sale in Burger King locations all throughout Japan.

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