All Ye Doughnut Lovers, Free Krispy Kreme

If you can walk and talk like a real pirate, today is your chance to claim a real sweet loot.

Surprisingly September 19 is not a particular day food festival. It’s talk like a pirate day in the US and Canada and beloved donut chain is giving customers the opportunity to get some original glazed donuts double if put into action swashbuckling.

If you can put in your best pirate accent and grunting, walking to an ATM Krispy Kreme and ask some treasure, you will get a free donut. However, for those in pirate costume full-choose any three of the following: pirate hat, scarf, eye patch, robe hook, pirate shirt, wooden leg, parrot or pirate pant-Krispy Kreme will give a dozen donuts filled.

For the first time, this year the chain is to let customers “dress” like a pirate pirate digitally through the filter Snapchat Krispy Kreme. Any customer who shows his pirate image Snapchat published in a participating store will be entitled to a dozen glazed donuts original

You heard the bird: talk & dress like a pirate for free doughnuts. Get your gear: #TLAPD

Chain says, “Show your snap to a team member within the store and score reward you.”

If you do not feel like getting dressed or talk like a pirate, but still want to celebrate hijinks on the high seas, the chain is also offering two donut-especially a frosted donut pirate featuring a face in the eyes-patched and a skull and crossbones donut covered with chocolate and white frosting and a piece of candy skull.

The offer does not include various locations, including Krispy Kreme in casinos-Conn and Puerto Rico.

So grab your peg leg and hinder the store nearest donuts to get some good food today, affable.

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