Arkansas Savvy Shields Miss America 2017

Arkansas Savvy Miss Shields has claimed the title of Miss America 2017.

Shields, 21, beat 51 other contestants in the competition to win the title, succeeding the outgoing Miss America Betty Cantrell.

Shields took home the crown with a jazz routine during the talent portion, which won the preliminary talent competition earlier this week.

During the question and answer part, he asked about the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“If you’re trying to be the leader of the free world, everything they say and do things and all its actions are held to a higher level,” Shields said. “Both contestants have done a good job, but also need to see what they are doing.”

Your @MissAmerica 2017 is SAVVY SHIELDS from ARKANSAS Congratulations, @MissAmericaAR! #MissAmerica

After his career as Miss America, Shields, 21, he will return to the University of Arkansas as a high-level study art. “I want to work with luck in a museum and teach at the college level,” he said about his plans for the future.

The South Carolina Miss Rachel Wyatt was the first night bridesmaid.

The second runner up was Miss New York Camille Sims. The third runner-up was Miss Alice Cooper Washington, and the fourth runner-up was Miss Mississippi Laura Lee Lewis.

The 15 finalists were: Kentucky; Washington; Massachusetts; Arkansas; South Carolina; Idaho; Iowa; Texas; California; Oklahoma; Maryland; NY; Tennessee; Louisiana and Mississippi.

During a press conference after the ceremony, shields thanked his family and fans, using a question about your Q & A part to broaden their views on the political climate of the United States.

The new #MissAmerica, @MissAmericaAR Savvy Shields, thanking her family and hometown

“Our country was founded on compromise,” she said. “I really think we’re in a state now where both parties seem to just be yelling at each other. I hope that by the end of my year, we’re starting to reward politicians on compromising instead of just defending themselves.

Afterwards, the night’s celebrity judges including Mark Cuban, Gabby Douglas and Ciara praised Shields and congratulated her on her win.

“I have two daughters…I think its important for them to have role models who are confident and savvy,” Cuban said, as the crowd laughed.

“It’s awesome as a woman to see you get this moment,” she said. “I just encourage you to enjoy this moment, because when great things like this happen, they can sometimes pass you by.”

[email protected]‘s high praise for the new #MissAmerica, @missamericaar

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