Breaking: Alexis Arquette Cause Of Death

Alexis Arquette, transgender character actress and brother of David, Rosanna, Richmond and Patricia Arquette actors, died early Sunday in Los Angeles. She was 47 years old and surrounded by family who serenade Starman David Bowie, his brothers said in a statement.

“Alexis was a brilliant artist and painter, a singer, an artist and an actor,” said his brothers and sisters. “We have learned what the real value is through watching their way of life as a trans woman arrived to discover the only truth -. That love is everything.”

They added: “We are comforted by the fact that Alexis came into our family and was our brother and our sister then, and she gave us so much love We will love always, Alexis know we were the lucky ones…”

Robert Alexis Arquette was born in Los Angeles in 1969, and was a performer from a young age, appearing in a music video of the tubes’ She’s a beauty for 12 years.

A versatile performer, Arquette great opportunity came in the 1989 adaptation of Last Exit to Brooklyn, in which he played Georgette trans sex worker. She was just visiting New York with her sister Patricia Arquette, who was a role in the film.

“I was asked if I wanted to read a paper, because they knew I had done one thing drag in one of the clubs my friend,” Arquette said in an interview in the magazine Index 1999. “I ended up getting the job, basically through my sister.

“If it were not for her, there would have been in New York. But no one gives you a job, you have to win on your own. I would not want anyone to think that there is some sort of stamp my name.”

He also had small roles in films like Pulp Fiction, Bride of Chucky and as an imitator of Boy George for the first time in the Adam Sandler comedy The Wedding Singer and again in a homogeneous mixture.

On Sunday, Boy George tweeted his condolences to “my sister Alexis Arquette. Another bright light has come too soon.”

Arquette also performed in nightclubs and cabarets, sometimes under the name Eva Destruction.

R. I.P my sister Alexis Arquette. Another bright light gone out far too soon. Love to the family and all that loved Alexis.

“I like being a character actor, I like to be different in everything,” Arquette said in the interview Index 1999. “I want a private life, I want to be able to go to 7-Eleven and not get into a fight with a guy I because he saw me in a movie, or have people hitting on me, simply because I saw in a movie. you want to be loved for what you are, not what you’ve done or who you’ve become. ”

Arquette also appeared in the sixth season of the VH1 reality series The Surreal Life, and was credited for bringing a greater awareness and visibility to the trans community. She recounts her transition and the process of sex change surgery in 2007 documentary Alexis Arquette: She’s my brother.

In his statement, the Arquettes said the race of his sister “was truncated, not his death, but his decision to live his truth and his life as a trans woman.”

“Despite the fact that there are fewer parts for actors transportation, refused to play roles that were demeaning or stereotypical” they said. “She was a vanguard in the struggle for understanding and acceptance of all trans people.”

Arquette family asked for privacy, and that donations be made to the organizations that support the LGBTQ community.

Among the tributes paid in social media, Patricia Arquette tweeted a link to Starman Bowie and wrote: “. Break the veil song Starman”

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