ISIS Releases Propaganda Video Using Captive Journalist John Cantlie as the Host.

ISIS earlier today released a video featuring British journalist John Cantlie today, this one shot in Mosul in the style of a documentary/news report, this is part of a series of propaganda videos that ISIS is putting out.

In the video, the captive journalist John Cantlie claims to dispute the reporting of Western media outlets about what is happening in the caliphate.

“The media likes to paint a picture of life in the Islamic State as depressed, people walking around as subjugated citizens in chains, beaten down by strict, totalitarian rule,” Cantlie says. “But really, apart from some rather chilly, but sunny December weather, life here in Mosul is business as usual.”

Cantlie was held captive in Syra once before, in July 2012, but escaped with help from the Free Syrian Army, the BBC reports, and was captured again when he returned later that year.

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