Download Torrents In The Cloud For Free With

Bitport is a new website that allows you to search, download, and stream your torrents to you easily and securely. Using Bitport is pretty simple.

Once you’ve created an account you using an email address or through Facebook, you log into a web console, from where the magic happens. You can link to a torrent file or magnet link, or upload a file yourself. The torrent downloads (you can do a bunch at a time, or queue downloads for later), and once the file is saved in your personal cloud storage account, you can download it, or more likely just stream the file online.

One of the strong points of using a cloud service for torrents is privacy; because files aren’t stored on your personal computer, and connections are encrypted, it would be much harder for the movie studios to cut off infringement. And, if you’re particularly paranoid, you can use a VPN or Tor to access the service.

One thing worth bearing in mind is that there’s are a couple of similar websites, which has been around for a while that offer similar services, namely and

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