Baby Gorilla At San Diego Zoo Safari Park

SAN DIEGO – The Zoo Safari Park of San Diego has a new member to show-off for guests, a baby gorilla.

On Wednesday morning, the staff of animal care Kokomo came to discover that the gorilla had given birth to a girl. The baby is now 2 days old, is being cared for by her mother, who say the staff is very protective and attentive.

But the adorable little bundle of joy was shown off to park guests on Thursday by her mother Kokomo, who constantly held the baby.

The zoo announced Thursday that Kokomo, an endangered western lowland gorilla, gave birth to a daughter about two days ago.

The baby weighs about 4 pounds and Kokomo tops the scales at 229 pounds.

The zoo says Kokomo is a very protective and attentive mother who won’t let the newborn out of her arms.

However, she is allowing other gorillas to check out her daughter – who doesn’t yet have a name.

It’s the second baby for Kokomo and the father, named Winston.

According to officials from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, even staff have not had contact with the baby yet. But both are doing well—the baby expected to have a weight of approximately 3.5 to 4.5 pounds.

The baby has not yet been named.

She is the second baby gorilla born to mother Kokomo and father Winston at the zoo. Kokomo is a six-time mom, having given birth to twins at the Oklahoma City Zoo in 1999.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has a troop of eight gorillas, including one adult male, three adult females and three baby gorillas, ranging from ages eight-years old, five and two.

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