Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump On Inauguration

Donald Trump’s swearing-in as president takes on new meaning in the latest video from Bad Lip Reading.

The new president’s inauguration has gotten dubbed over, with Trump, former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, and Trump rival and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton among the politicians saying ridiculous and hilarious lines thanks to fake audio.

Bad Lip Reading fills in the blanks of many of the internet’s favorite moments from the inauguration. According to the video, the new first lady’s gift to the outgoing president and first lady was pretzels, while Obama couldn’t help picking on his successor.

“You suckkkk,” teases Obama in the clip. “Now’s your chance, call it off.”

Trump even gets in a few one-liners of the ego-stroking type. “I’m important,” he says as he shakes the hands of onlookers. “You want to be me, don’t you? Quite a figure.”

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