Beanie Sigel Getting Knocked Out

Last week in his on – going feud with Meek Mill, Compton rapper The Game revealed in an Instagram video that at Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Reunion Tour stop in Philadelphia.

Now in footage shared by TMZ, Philly legend Beanie Siegel is seen lying knocked out cold on the ground backstage at the show. Another man (now identified as Meek’s boy Teefy Bey) is shown in the video getting pushed away from Beans by security.

In an Instagram video posted a few days ago, Game says that Meek Mill and his goons went to the Philadelphia stop of the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour and beat up Roc-A-Fella legend Beanie Siegel.

In the video Game says: “So the young bull knocked out the old head because he was drawling at the jaw. Ni**as is crazy, man. Ni**as went and got Beans on a song to diss me. That ain’t do what ni**as thought it was gonna do, so y’all went back and beat the legend up, man?”

The man who knocked out Beanie Siegel has been outed on social media as Teefy Bey. He has now spoken out about the incident in an extensive interview. Teefy basically admits to the beatdown in the interview with HHS1987.

When asked if he heard about Sigel getting beat up at the Bad Boy show, Teefy responds, “Yeah I know about it,” jokingly remarking, “I think he passed out from his diabetic medication.” It’s unclear if Sigel is, in fact, diabetic, though he is without one of his lungs, as it was removed after he was the target of a nearly fatal shooting in late 2014.

Teefy Bey also shed some light on what prompted him and Meek and to turn against Sigel, as days earlier Siegel featured alongside Meek on the “OOOUUU” remix, which functioned as a diss track in response to The Game’s “92 Bars.” Teefy summed it up like this: “He broke the code of ethics on the streets.” But doesn’t get more specific than that.

Many fans felt Beanie Siegel dissed his fellow Philly native Meek Mill at the Bad Boy Reunion Tour. Upon performing the crowd favorite “Beanie (Mack B**),” B. Sige assured the crowd that they were rocking with the best. “The real king of Philly is back,” he proclaimed. “We will be represented right!”

The Game and Meek Mill have been feuding since The Game dropped the “92 Bars” single calling the Philly rapper a snitch and threatening to give his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, the “pool stick.” Meek retaliated with “OOOUUU,” which features Beanie and Omelly. The Game quickly fired back with “Pest Control.”

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