Breaking: Brock Turner Stanford Rapist Free

Brock Turner Stanford rapist has been released from prison – after serving only three months of the six-month sentence handed down in June.

The pervert convicted left the main prison of San José del Sur, by 6:09 a.m. Pacific Time.

One protester shouted ‘loser’ as he walked the 10 yards from the front door to a waiting car.

Turner, who celebrated his 21st birthday in jail early last month, was being greeted by his parents Dan and Carleen, who flew in from his home near Dayton, Ohio, to pick it up.

The family are now traveling to Ohio, where Turner fulfill his probation period of three years, after successfully applied to be transferred from California to his home state.

Turner must register with his new probation officer within 72 hours of their release – or face the return to Santa Clara County to complete probation there.

“It’s safe to say it will be out of [California] as soon as possible,” a source at the Department of Probation Santa Clara County said.

‘If it is not checked with his probation officer [in Ohio] within 72 hours then have to register with us, what would spend the next three years here.

The case sparked outrage Turner after the 21-year-old ‘lenient’ sentence was made public.

Currently, California law metes to a more severe punishment in cases where the victim was conscious – though activists are now advocating a change in the law.

Among them is Santa Clara Sheriff Laurie Smith, who on Friday morning to the evidence that “is not a just sentence for anyone convicted of a felony sexual assault of person.”

He added: “As the Sheriff Santa Clara County and a mother, I believe that the interests of justice are best served by ensuring sex offenders are sent to prison as punishment for his crimes.”

Jeffrey Rosen, the county district attorney, echoed the call was also made saying that if the law has been changed a similar case would be rather a state prison sentence in county jail by the rapist.

“If we had our way, Brock Turner would be in prison serving a sentence of six years and not go home,” he said in a statement issued after the release.

“However, our focus is today a bill that will require state prison sentence, no parole for anyone convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious person.

“With the Governor’s signature, the following Brock Turner will go to jail.

Turner also have to visit the Sheriff’s Office in Xenia Greene County within five days of his return to Ohio to be photographed, fingerprinted and sign the sex offender registry state.

Once signed, the 21-year-old will remain on the list for life – and will never be allowed to live near schools or work with children.

Other restrictions include asking permission to travel outside the state, keeping you informed the authorities of his address and undergo regular visits from law enforcement.

The neighbors will also be given brochures featuring picture of Turner advising them to a convicted sex offender is living in their street.

During his probation, Turner will have to undergo therapy drugs and alcohol, be subjected to random chemical tests and be prohibited from possessing firearms.

Authorities in Ohio have said the convicted rapist will be treated “like any other sex offender who comes through the doors, ‘with Greene Sheriff Gene Fischer County insists there is no chance that you will get any special treatment.

“We’re not dealing with kid gloves,” Fischer told the Dayton Daily News on Thursday. ‘Let’s treat it like any other sex offender who comes through the doors. ”

Turner, a former swimming champion, was convicted in June of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old during a party at the house of the fraternity Kappa Alpha on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto.

The victim, who has not been identified, was unconscious at the time – although Turner argued at trial that had appeared ‘satisfied’ with their interaction.

Two Swedish students who spend Turner seen on top of the victim, who had and has a serious boyfriend, chased and wrestled to the ground – holding him there until police arrived.

Photographs obtained by NBC‘s Today program and released Friday morning show how he had abrasions on his hands and face, when he was arrested.

A letter of support from the father of Turner, in which the violation was dismissed as ’20 minutes of action, ‘later sparked outrage after it was read in court – like others that portray the perverted as a victim of the campus drinking culture.

In fact, Turner was no stranger to drugs and alcohol and heavy drinking and confessed only dabbling with LSD after probation officers told him text messages exposing his lies have been made public.

As a result, additional conditions relating to drugs and alcohol were added to the terms of his probation – with the convicted rapist faces another trip to court and a possible jail term should be drinking or taking illegal substances.

Turner, who began his sentence in prison on June 2, has spent most of his time inside the main prison bed 674 South in San Jose, California.

His first month behind bars spent four miles away at the Elmwood Correctional Facility in Milpitas, which accommodates detainees in barracks and a tent city in expansion.

However, due to the nature of their crimes, Turner stayed away from the general population and was eventually transferred to the prison’s most modern principal.

Elmwood sources said that the transfer took place after he was placed in protective custody, a state usually reserved for pedophiles and those who are at risk of harm from other inmates.

“They had to go because it is a PC [protective custody] said one guard, who asked not to be identified, this website.

‘The man in poor condition but is privileged, so … In the end, he was not [in Elmwood] for a long time – was transferred [to the main prison] two months ago.’

South Main Jail, which opened in 1956, features of cells in levels spread over several floors with each inmate held in a room open style front with bars.

As in Elmwood, offenders are given three meals a day – cooked by other inmates – and can attend classes if they wish.

However, officials in Santa Clara County endeavored to point out that Turner did not receive any special treatment – other than having their cards out for him instead of delivery.

Lt. Joe Jensen, a spokesman for the Sheriff Santa Clara County, told an ABC News affiliate swimmer in distress had been flooded with messages of hate during his first month behind bars.

“Several letters of hate at the beginning of his sentence was put,” Jensen said. “He told us he did not want to receive more mail. So keep your mail ‘.

However, Jensen, who told Turner he had not given the option of leaving prison through a back door to avoid angry protesters in its judgment ‘lenient’ said former student would be given cards regardless once you return to Ohio.

According to Fischer, Turner also receive regular visits from law enforcement – and threatened to “pop without warning ‘every few months.

“Let’s go home where he lives to confirm that you are living there,” he said. ‘Let’s blow up unannounced from time to time to ensure that you are living in which he says that he is living. ”

Turner, who live in his parents’ house Bellfield for the next three years, is now planning to appeal his conviction in the hope of having their registration removed sex offender name.

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