Burglary Suspects in Minnesota Caught After Accidental 911 Call During The Act. Way To Be Careless.

‘Butt-dialing’ happens to everyone. We all have those times when we call someone we were not planning to call. A couple of Minnesota burglary suspects who accidentally “butt-dialed” a 911 dispatcher during an alleged crime on April Fools’ Day probably wish that cellphones were never invented.

Justin G. Evans, 38, and Todd J. Weiss, 32, are both charged with third-degree burglary after they were arrested during an apparent break-in attempt that they inadvertently alerted the authorities about.

A Ramsey County dispatcher received two calls from the same number, according to Maplewood Police Chief Paul Schnell. During the second call, the dispatcher heard voices saying, “If it goes off they are right across the street.”

It was “pretty clear based on some of that conversation that this was a burglary,” Schnell told the Pioneer Express. “It was a very heads-up dispatcher.”

The calls were made using the emergency call option on one of the suspects’ cellphones,

When police arrived at an area a car-repair shop, they reportedly found Weiss and Evans attempting to leave the premises with a television and other items.

“Certainly there have been circumstances when [thieves] have done things like leave evidence behind,” Schnell told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “But to call 911 yourself, that’s unusual.

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