Cara Delevingne – Victoria’s Secret VS. The Sun

A report on the rigorous process of casting models remain in the hope of having the opportunity to appear at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, specifically stating that Cara Delevingne was rejected walk the track in 2014 for being too “bloated” it has been rejected by both Delevingne as Victoria’s Secret.

On Friday, the Paper Towns actress shared a letter written to her from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show executive producer Ed Razek on Instagram.

The post says allegations made by the Sun are false. “Contrary to The Sun’s claims, which they never bothered to fact check with me, Victoria’s Secret made every effort to have you in the London show. I know, because I was the one making the effort,” he wrote, going on to say that Delevingne was the first person they had in mind to cast for the show, which was held in London that year.

The note hits back at claims made by The Sun earlier this year that the famous lingerie brand refused to cast Cara in 2014 for being ‘too bloated’ – having walked in the iconic fashion show twice before.

Ed then extended his invite to this year’s edition of the show, which will take place in Paris in late November, adding wittily that ‘no casting [is] necessary!’

??? ??it’s shameless to discuss women’s bodies just to sell papers #bloated ❤️ @victoriassecret

A photo posted by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on

The model turned actress uploaded a photo of the kind note on her social media page for her 35million followers to see, captioning it: ‘It’s shameless to discuss women’s bodies just to sell papers #bloated ❤️ @victoriassecret’

Earlier this week, bloating was reported as the reason for Cara not appearing in the fashion show in 2014, while another model was said to have been labelled as a ‘fat cow’ by the company.

“The alleged casting, where supposedly disparaging remarks were made, never happened. There was NO casting. You had already been enthusiastically confirmed.”

Razek says the real reason Delevingne wasn’t in the show was that she was shooting a movie at the time. “You would have made the show better, as you do anything and everything you’re involved in,” he wrote.

To close, Razek extended an invitation to Delevingne to join the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in Paris this year, “no casting necessary.” Whether she will accept his offer is still up in the air.

Delevingne offered a succinct comment on the debacle, captioning her Instagram, “it’s shameless to discuss women’s bodies just to sell papers.”

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