Hailey Baldwin Vitamin B12 Shot Into Backside

Vitamin B12 shots are said to help combat the effects of fatigue – and to lessen a hangover.

So Hailey Baldwin was perhaps making sure she was well-prepared for a late night at pal Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday party as she received a vitamin jab on Wednesday.

The 19-year-old model shared a Snapchat which showed her yelping in pain as she was injected with the B12 boost into her bare backside.

The daughter of Stephen Baldwin flashed her lacy underwear as she unbuttoned her Daisy Dukes.

She also showcased her taut abs, in a black off-the shoulder cropped top.

They were extra tensed up as the model appeared to be in pain as the nurse administered the routine injection, into her exposed buttocks.

She was seen melodramatically clutching the hand of her supportive male companion, much to the bemusement of the nonplussed medical worker.

The beauty captioned: ‘Getting those vitamin shots in’ and added a flexed bicep emoji, indicating she is strong.

Her long blonde tresses were pulled into a tight high ponytail.

At 19, Hailey is too young to drink, and so her sobriety and healthy routine clearly paid off as she showed she was feeling perky the morning after the night before in a cheeky Instagram post on Thursday.

She shared a black and white picture of her legs and backside, clad in denim shorts and black boots and apparently topless.

The star stole the limelight with her stunning outfit on Wednesday night at Kendall’s 21st.

The teenager showed off her figure in a sheer crop top, which exposed her lacy bra and taut midriff.

Completing her bombshell look was a choker, lacy underwear visible above her slouchy trousers, and dramatic makeup.

She rode with Kendall in a limo as she prepared to party the night away at Delilah in West Hollywood after kicking off the night at Catch.

The blonde beauty wore rose-colored shimmer over her eyes and a matching shade of lip color that set off her flawless features.

Kylie Jenner shared a Snapchat video from inside the bash which showed her sister appearing to be holding a vodka tonic with lime in her hand.

People also reported that Kendall had plenty of men around, including Harry Styles, Jordan Clarkson and Travis Scott.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also made a ‘low key’ appearance, according to the site. The 36-year-old has been out in public few times since her October 3 robbery in Paris. ‘They were chill all night,’ said a source that noted the couple arrive just before midnight.

On Thursday, Kendall wrote on her website kendallj.com that she had a signature cocktail already.

‘I’m not really a person “who hits the club” regularly and I don’t see that changing now that I’m 21,’ she wrote.

‘I’m looking forward to ordering drinks at dinner, though, and 1942 on the rocks with a slice of orange is what I’ll be sipping! Tequila is surprisingly easy to drink throughout the night (as long as you don’t overdo it)!’

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