Celebs Read Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Twitter Twit-wit are again.

“The Internet, as you know, is both wonderful and horrible place, a place where people will go to show their love and hatred,” host Jimmy Kimmel said before he introduced the recurring bit. “Occasionally, we like to call out those who hate inviting people known to read some of the not so nice things people have written about them.”

Grant could not believe that someone tweeting something so cruel. “Are they real or are not made to be especially unpleasant?” I ask. Other actors, including Hudson, Kinnear and Evans, just laughed at the absurdity of what was written about them.

Reedus received an indecent proposal, and @LARGEnIN_CHARGE tweeted, “Olivia Wilde’s forehead is the same size as the left cheek … ass and weight 250 pounds, so I’ll let you how big it should be imagined.”

@andypsteveo Twitter wanted to know why Gosling “always seems to be trying to squeeze a fart without making any noise,” which the actor replied, “Because I’m a gentleman!”

Cranston roll with the punches after @CalvinSoup tweeted, “Bryan Cranston looks like Jim Carrey impersonating Matthew McConaughey,” he answered: “Okay, okay, is right-handed then”

Twitter @ dbbm52 wrote: “I keep forgetting Keifer Sutherland is not dead.” Star Designated survivor did not take too well to that, saying. “Well, who wrote this, if it makes you feel better, not for lack of trying Oh, yes, and [that fk],” he said, using his middle finger.

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