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Mount Arayat Shabu Lab Shutdown By Cops

Police and anti-narcotics agents discovered a factory (shabu) methamphetamine hydrochloride located at the foot of Mount Arayat in Barangay Lacquios here on Thursday, the second shabu laboratory raided by authorities within two weeks.

“This is the biggest shabu laboratory discovered not only in Pampanga, but throughout the country, so far,” Senior Supt. Recomono Rodolfo Jr., Director of the Office of the Pampanga Provincial Police discloses, while describing Interaksyon facilities and equipment in the area.

Recomono elaborate, however, that no person was arrested during the raid because the occupants had escaped the raid team, running in different directions in advance. “However, we have stopped the illegal drug production potential in this place.”

The raid team, composed of agents of the Drug Control Agency Region 3 Office of the Philippines (PDEA3) and local police found seven large hydrogenators and chromatograph machine between the teams in the laboratory.

“Each of the hyrdogenators has the capacity to produce 50 to 100 kilograms of shabu per day, for the evaluation of laboratory chemicals crime, while the chromatograph machine is used to determine the purity of the finished product,” said Recomono by phone.

“It’s easier to be found so far, with the big league club. This is not a kind of kitchen lab,” said the high Supt. Rodolfo Recomono, director of the provincial police.

Lacquios is about five kilometers from Barangay Balitucan city where Magalang PDEA and police discovered a pig breeding farm shabu hide an underground laboratory on September 7 Seven Chinese citizens were detained there.

Lacquios ease to a large warehouse was surrounded by trees and bushes near Cong Dadong Dam.

This was the second decision shabu factory located in Pampanga. Three others have been found in Angeles City since March.

Recomono said police have been trying to determine any connection between facilities and Balitucan Lacquios.

Recomono said the lab is surrounded by 8 to 10 feet high concrete fence, sitting among pig farms next to him and a melting plant for recycling plastics.

“It’s a good thing we discovered this laboratory before they can produce and distribute finished products to market,” said Recomono. “My instruction to all police chiefs in the province is to be proactive. And he paid”.

Supt. Samuel Sevilla, head of the Arayat police was carrying out routine inspection of all industrial facilities, specific pork and poultry, after the discovery of the previous shabu laboratory BGY around. San Ildefonso (Bical), Magalang, Pampanga two weeks ago.

Sevilla said that the compound is occupied by unidentified persons who quickly fled after they realized the police were coming. “He was abandoned.”

He said no one has presented so far to recognize the ownership of the property.

Police and PDEA personnel are currently conducting an inventory of equipment and seized precursors found inside the store shabu laboratory.

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