Common Types of Ankle Injury

Types of Ankle Injury

We all tend to ignore the utility of our body parts until and unless that part is becoming static. Our foot helps the body to bear its weight and allow us to run and work and stay mobile. But everybody part is also susceptible to several injuries. Every injury is very painful, but our body also comes with the tolerance power. Among the most common injuries, you can see that ankle injury is quite common. If you are suffering from unbearable ankle pain, then you can only stop it if you can perform an accurate diagnosis. Treating your ankle injury as quickly as possible is very important because sometimes it can just heal with some pain killers and sometimes you will have to perform surgery for curing it.

So let’s look into the common types of ankle injuries and you will also get an overview of a particular type of ankle injury if you are suffering from any.

  • Ankle fracture:

A fracture occurs when one or more than one bone starts breaking. Among the most common types of ankle fracture, you will see the avulsion fractures. It is going to happen on the distal fibula. It can occur if you don’t wear an ankle stabilizer. If you are suffering from this type of ankle fracture then they will be less troublesome in comparison to the fracture of the talar dome where the ankle joint is suffering the fracture.

In order to diagnose any type of fracture, a person needs to go through proper x-rays. Proper treatment is will ensure that you are not experiencing any ankle issues or any long term pain in your feet in the future. If you suffer from an ankle fracture then consult an orthopedic surgeon and perform the X-ray.

Ankle Injury

  • Damaged ankle ligament:

If you are suffering any serious fall or sprain then there are high chances that the ligament which is present within your joints is going to tear or rupture. This ankle ligament damage can be very serious and most of them will have to go through surgeries for treating them.

The ligaments are responsible for the overall stability because they are the tissues which are connecting all the bones present within the joint. Even the rehabilitation treatment is done in order to provide basic support to the ankle with the help of external strapping. Mobility is reduced considerably if you are suffering from this ankle ligament damage. Even after the treatment, you will need to reduce the chances of suffering from similar injuries.

  •  Ankle Tendinopathies:

Due to trauma or overuse of the tendons or the muscles of the feet one will experience sharp pain in their ankle. The inflammation which will be caused is known as tendonitis. It is quite common to have muscle strains, but when it comes to the tendons which are wrapping the ankle and allowing it to stay in the stabilized manner then any sort of damage will limit your mobility.

Any injury that is restricting you from performing your daily activity should be treated properly under the supervision of good orthopedics.


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