Couple Crosses River Hanging from Their Back Piercings

A couple have managed to break a world record, and certainly some pain barriers, when they crossed a river in a slightly unusual way. (Checkout the video below).

Daredevils Mariya Gafitsa, 23 and Pavlo Klets, 24, completed the longest river traverse hanging from their back piercings.

The fearless couple attached clamps to implants under the skin on their backs and set out to cross the 550m wide Dnipro River in the Ukranian capital of Kiev.

They each wore a back-up harness in case the weight caused the skin on their back to tear, which would have sent them plummeting into the freezing water below.

ukraine (2)

Mariya-Gafitsa (1)

Mariya-Gafitsa (2)


Pavlo-Klets-and-Mariya-Gafitsa (1)


ukraine (1)

Thankfully, the pair both made it to the other side in one piece, although their backs looked a little worse for wear after the ordeal.

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