Dad Invites Daughter’s Rapist to Dinner, Then Tortures Him to Death

A  36-year-old dad in India is facing charges after admitting to enacting revenge on his daughter’s alleged rapist by inviting him over for dinner then burning his genitals with metal tongs and strangling him to death.

The father told police his neighbor raped his 14-year-old daughter three months ago. He didn’t report the incident to the police, because the 45-year-old threatened him and his daughter, claiming to be “well connected.”

The girl reportedly got pregnant, and was forced to abort the baby by her alleged attacker.

The father decided to take justice into his own hands, inviting the man over to “sort the matter out” Friday evening.

“He served him dinner,” an officer told the Indian Express. “After the meal, the father overpowered the man and tied him to a chair. He got heated tongs and burned the supplier’s genitals before strangling him to death.”

The father then walked to the police station — weapon still in hand — and confessed.

The girl has been medically examined, and the father has been charged with murder, according to the report.

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