Congrats! Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid Are Engaged!

Ryan Lochte is dedicated to Kayla Rae Reid after less than a year together.

The couple, who began dating in January, announced the happy news while sharing Instagram separate messages Sunday night.

Ryan published a snapshot showing Kayla showing her huge diamond engagement ring, as he placed a hand on his cheek and kissed him.

The 32-year-old in Olympic misfortune seemed to have popped the question while he and Kayla watched the sunset in Malibu Canyon.

They were both dressed in formal attire, with Ryan in a blue suit and the 25-year-old Playmate in a tight green dress.

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Speechless. Absolutely beautiful. So in love with YOU. ❤️

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Kayla shared his own version of the image, which was taken at a different angle, with the caption: “Speechless Absolutely beautiful So in love with you ‘…

The happy couple have been together since January, according to Ryan, and May shared a photo of Kayla meet his mother Ileana.

Last week, Ryan said he met at a club in Los Angeles on January 22 and began dating three days later.

He also told US Today he is ready to settle down with Kayla, after she supported him through the scandal was caused by lying being the victim of an armed robbery during the Olympic Summer Games in Rio.

Ryan said: “My family says:” Do not you think it’s a little too soon? “I’m like,” Can you put some time in love? Can you?”

“When I realized that this was” the one “when she was caught behind me through this. She still loves me and that is still present in me. ‘

Speaking to in August, stunning model girlfriend Olympian had implied that were found in dating app Tinder.

“I was in the tinder. I could be in Yesca” Kayla said with a smile. “That’s all I’ll say about it. ‘

Kayla traveled to Rio to encourage Ryan during the Olympics, but downplayed its romance and said it was “active” and “available” in the tinder.

However, the athlete now regularly declares his love for the blonde bombshell in social networks, and revealed that they had moved in together just over two weeks ago.

The swimmer was discussing the support he received after he was rushed by protesters to enter a dance with the debut of stars.

‘Especially my girlfriend, because I’m living with it now, “he told People.” She’s definitely just been very supportive.

“And my mother is calling me nonstop. I’m like,” Mom, stop calling me! I’m fine. I’m fine. “She’s like,” I’m just making sure you’re all right! ” ‘

Ryan is still in the dance competition with Cheryl Burke as his partner, and is about to enter the fifth week.

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