Donald Trump Calls Madea On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump was ripped by Tyler Perry’s Madea on Friday’s “Tonight Show.”

Perry was on the late-night show to promote his new movie, Boo! A Madea Halloween. Naturally, his appearance on the program included an in-character sketch, but unexpectedly, it involved Fallon’s impersonation of Trump. In the bit, the presidential candidate is cold-calling undecided voters, and ends up ringing the no-holds barred Madea.

Asked her “biggest concern this election,” Madea replies, “Oh, that’s simple. You. You are my biggest concern.” Trump next wanted to know what his first order of business should be as president. The straight-talking old lady said jackets should be handed out because “if you win, hell froze the hell over.” Trump’s response? “Wrong!”

He went on to ask, “Is there’s anything I can say to convince you to vote for me?” Madea answered, “Oh, yes, very simple. ‘My name is Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.’” The two continued to spar, with Madea throwing insult after insult, with references to Trump’s tiny hands, his wall plans, and beauty pageant comments.

Towards the end, Trump wanted to confirm that Madea would be voting for him. “Ain’t no black people voting for you, Donald,” Madea replied. “Don’t you understand that? Lord, help him understand!” The bit came less than a month after Fallon was slammed for an interview with the real Trump.

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