‘Freak Tornado’ Wreaks Havoc In Aberystwyth

Winds of up to 94mph have damaged properties, torn down trees and caused travel problems in parts of Wales.

Aberystwyth, on the mid-Wales coast, was worst affected when powerful gusts swept across the area, resulting in road closures.

Police said no injuries were reported, but a number of caravans were overturned and several roofs were left damaged.

The Met Office and Meteogroup said they had yet to confirm reports that a tornado had hit the area.

Smashed windows and the wreckage of one overturned caravan were pictured on social media, while a video showed a metal frame being blown down some steps.

Trees and roof tiles were blown on to roads, with several having to be closed, Dyfed-Powys police said.

The Aberystwyth lifeboat station recorded winds of 82 knots (94mph) shortly after 10.30am on Thursday.

Although 94mph is a higher windspeed than the 74mph required to be classed as a hurricane, forecasters said the wind came in surges and did not last long enough to be described as such.

Meteogroup said the “extreme winds” swept inland across mid Wales towards Shrewsbury over the course of Thursday.

In the village of Shawbury, Shropshire, wind speeds of 84mph were recorded.

Meanwhile, forecasters said snow could arrive in parts of the UK overnight, with several centimetres expected in the Pennines.

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