Gigi Hadid Faces Wardrobe Malfunction In Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016

Gigi Hadid suffered an epic wardrobe malfunction but still carried on with the show at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Other angels such as Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima also suffered the same fate.

While Gigi Hadid was walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday, the strap on her body suit snapped during the “Secret Angel” segment of the show. But as most already know that when Hadid walks the runway most will feel that she is really running the show.

Strap down and the audience didn’t even notice that she was already encountering a wardrobe malfunction since Gigi Hadid is a real class. The 21-year-old angel wore a strappy body suit that is connected to her bra but one strap just failed to connect.

Other angels in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show who also suffered a similar incident during their catwalk are Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima when their bums flashed before the crowd. The two VS models wore a tiny skirt but their underwear just hitched up, according to The Sun.

Anything can really happen on the runway, E! News reported. But still, those who watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show really had an awesome night.

Aside from Gigi Hadid, who stole most of the night, her sister Bella Hadid also walk at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Irina Shayk who is pregnant during the VSFS didn’t even look like one.

There are truly a lot to look forward to in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion aside from seeing Gigi Hadid and how she had her wardrobe malfunction. There are fifty models to watch for and with more diversity.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 will air on Monday on CBS at 10 p.m. Eastern. So make sure to catch and see who among the fifty are your favorites.

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