Helen Worth Lets Mistake A Corrie Spoiler On This Morning

CORONATION Street fans were up in arms when This Morning got Helen Worth’s name wrong when she appeared on the show.

Helen, who plays Gail Rodwell in the soap, appeared alongside Corrie boss Kate Oakes but it seems there was a mix up in the gallery when it came to her name.

One irate fan wrote: “Gail Rodwell? Isn’t Helen Worth the real name of the actress who plays Gail in Corrie?”

Another tweeted: “Who the f**k is Gail Rodwell? It’s Helen Worth. Everyone knows that.”

Helen and Kate were on the show to speak to hosts Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley about Helen’s on screen son David Platt’s upcoming murder suicide storyline.

On Friday night Gail was shocked to find a chilling suicide video that her son David, played by Jack P Shepherd, had made for the family in which he revealed that he intended to kill his wife Kylie’s murderer Clayton and take his own life.

In a desperate bid top foil David’s dark mission Gail enlists Sarah and Nick’s help and plans to lock David in the bistro cellar until the trial is over.

However, Gail hasn’t considered how determined David is in his mission and the lengths he’ll go to in order to escape the makeshift prison she’s trapped him in.

The desperate mum is left horrified when all goes quiet behind the door and she finds David motionless on the stone floor and badly bleeding.

The storyline comes as Paula Lane – who played Kylie Platt in the soap – hinted she could be making a return.

Actress Helen teased the potential return, saying: “You never know, you never know!

“You always expect characters to come back. You don’t say goodbye, you just think they’ll be there again.”

It comes after David’s explosive revenge plan was revealed by the Corrie star.

Dad of two David will buy a second hand care and pack it full of petrol and lay in wait to cause a fiery horror smash as Kylie’s killer Clayton is transferred from prison to the court for his trial.

“David wants to kill [Clayton] but he knows the only way he’s gonna kill him means that he has to kill himself in the process,” actor Jack P Shepherd revealed.

“His plan is that he’s going to blow him up,” he added.

“He does a recce of the court and tries to see if he can get a weapon in there and shoot him but he sees that it’s impossible to get a weapon past the security.

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