Jazmine Sullivan Tells Dead Man “U Still Got A Crush On Me In Heaven”

Jazmine Sullivan went to the highest ground to stoop to the lowest low. She wrote a Facebook eulogy to a dead man she thinks tried to talk to her.

It’s too early in the morning for this. Really, there is no appropriate time for this.

Gospel singer Thomas “TC” Clay passed away over the weekend, leaving fans and family members heartbroken. While mystery still swirls around his death, Jazmine Sullivan is sure of one thing, he tried to talk to her.

Sullivan wrote a lengthy Facebook eulogy to the man and started it with “I didn’t know TC very well” but went on to tell stories about how she accidentally gave him her number and how he gave her flowers and called her incessantly.

So yes, Sullivan wrote an entire post about carving a dead man. Twitter was not amused. She is currently being dragged through a forest of lions, tigers and bears.

Jazmine Sullivan not wanting to be with dude, is fine. Cool, whatever. But to tell the world the details of u curving him, extremely wack.

Last Sunday, gospel singer Thomas “T. C.” Clay died in his hotel room after performing in New York City. Apparently, Clay was a huge fan of Sullivan and tried to date her and she declined his advances, but the only reason we know that is because of Sullivan’s Facebook “eulogy.”

Sullivan posted a lengthy statement on Facebook about Clay’s death, but needless to say, it was about his crush on her and the fact that she wouldn’t give him the time of day.

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