Pornhub and YouPorn Blocks Access In Russia

Pornhub and YouPorn, older adult web sites in the world, have been blocked in Russia. And things have become very strange.

The site has been blocked by the Russian state control agency watchdog Roskomnadzor, known in English as the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Media. Among other things, which is the body responsible for monitoring and blocking Internet sites that the government does not want to be used.

And the latest sites that are victims that are Pornhub and YouPorn, the world’s largest collections of free pornography. That movement began on Tuesday but implemented previously issued court decisions, according to the Moscow Times, and could be revised later.

Not the first time the agency has blocked Pornhub – do so in September 2015. And it is not the first time that has roundly mocked on Twitter to do so.

And then a message from a Russian citizen asking whether the agency at least “suggest an alternative” to the popular site was answered.

“Dear Lyolya, alternatively you can meet someone in real life,” he replied the official version on Twitter.

And this time the account has written in “fans” of the Internet that people who suggests sending only the head outside instead of watching adult websites is still relevant.

That elicited a response from the original user, who asked Roscomnadzor why could not “come up with something new?” The agency responded to ask if it was possible “to enter the same river twice?”

That philosophical observation also drew ridicule. The original user, Lyolya, said that if the site was not blocked then the agency could “see some videos on which Pornhub”; another responded to say “You can enter anything twice, you would know that Pornhub if he had not locked”.

Also retweeted a flowerpots by another Russian user who said he had followed the advice of the agency and that as a result, was because her wedding soon.

But Pornhub has tweeted from its official account of the agency, in an attempt to win back.

“If we gave him an account of Pornhub Premium guys, you Ban Pornhub in Russia?” He recorded the account. The tweet was retweeted more than 2,000 times.

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