Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon Visit A Haunted House

Give Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon some credit: Two adult men who are not afraid to scream like little children on national television.

In fact, we believe that young children are less likely to shout that these two, that in 2014 we reveled by sharing a roller coaster ride that we had crying laughing (and crying in terror Hart).

But this time, in the spirit of the season (and as Hart promoting his new film, “Kevin Hart: What Now”) The couple met to visit scariest haunted house in the city of New York, which had to the two screaming before they even entered the official attraction.

There was always a zero percent chance that this would not be fun, but thanks to the GoPro cameras each strapped to his chest, could see each afraid to pass through their faces moment.

It is true that the blood mansion is not for the faint of heart; besides the things that take you there live actors jumping out to startle him in person.

Among the screams, blows and chainsaw pan speed was a listening experience that never gave up.

As finally came out of the haunted house, Hart took a moment to cover his rear and went straight to the camera. “If you see this and any time it feels like I’m afraid – I’m an actor,” he said.

“Happy Halloween, dude,” Fallon called out to him.

Let’s just say Hart’s response is not printable here!

And it seems as though the Central Intelligence actor was shaken to his core as he told the 42-year-old he farted during the scary situation.

As for Fallon, we wonder what he hated more — Blood Manor or eating a cricket during this week’s Would You Rather face off? Hmmm.

Be sure to ch-ch-check out Jimmy and Kevin’s VERY FUNNY trip to the haunted house for yourself (below)!

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