Lady Gaga Breaks Up Fight During artRAVE Tour Concert In Belgium [VIDEO]

Lady Gaga is famously a big supporter of love, peace and that whole “getting along” thing. Well, apparently a couple of fans were not in similar spirits during the singer’s show in Belgium this past Tuesday night (Sept. 23).

Stopping in Belgium for her artRAVE Tour, Gaga was in the middle of hyping up the crowd when she toss what looks like some sort of boa into the audience. Naturally, fans eagerly grabbed at it like a pack of wild animals. But when the “Do What U Want” singer saw that a couple of fans were near going fisticuffs over the piece of clothing, she stopped everything and set the record straight.

“Careful, don’t fight,” Gaga told to arguing fans.
She then demanded they “give it back,” adding, “If you’re gonna fight, you don’t get to keep it.”

All the while, Gaga was donned in an ever so eccentric outfit that made it hard to take her seriously. Even still, the fans got her point. Check out the video of Gaga breaking up the fight below:

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