Marc Sijan Makes Hyperrealistic Sculptures That Are Utterly Amazing

We have seem some really impressive hyperrealistic art work in the past, including the works of Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo and Patrick Kramer. Today we have yet another mind-blowing work by another talented artist. Meet Marc Sijan, he creates incredibly hyperrealistic sculptures depicting ordinary people.

On his website it says: “People often have been fooled by Sijan’s work. His ‘security guard’ sculpture sits in the lobby of the Milwaukee Bucks practice facility, where it once frustrated Michael Jordan by its lack of conversation that he complained to management.”

Marc sets focus on the elaboration of every detail, accurately portraying all the little things – the pores and bumps on the skin, thin hair, veins, bald heads, pimples. You could almost get the impression that his sculptures are real people, who just froze for a second, but after a moment pluck up and disappear into the crowd.








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