Masks Photo Series- Imagine Wearing A Mask To Survive By Trisha Filomena Santacroce

Imagine that day when America’s people have to start wearing masks to go outside? Daily life activity outdoors will be so dangerous to breathe forcing us to wear masks. (walking to the train, skateboarding, running, gazing up at the stars) These photos represent humans living in their daily lives wearing masks because of pollution.

All the fossil fuels, gasses and dangerous toxins are going into our atmosphere causing health problems, illnesses, and decaying our earth. What are we going to do to help stop this problem?

These photos show the future of what will or could happen if we continue dirtying our world. How would you feel about wearing a mask to survive this phenomena? I will continue adding photos to this series to help people see and to be more aware of what could happen to them. Maybe, just maybe it can help make a change.

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