Michelle Obama’s Raps About Going to College #FlotusBars

#FlotusBars is the best thing to happen this week. After Michelle Obama’s “Go to College” rap video dropped on Thursday, Dec. 10, Twitter users took it upon themselves to expand the first lady’s rap and create their own Obama-inspired lyrics using the hashtag #FlotusBars.

Obama, who partnered with College Humor and Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah, created the video as part of her “Better Make Room” initiative, her campaign to boost awareness about resources that could help Americans pursue higher education.

In the video, Obama spits lyrics such as, “South Side Chicago, we all know / We had to do overtime every night to make it tomorrow / And everyone could really make their dream come true / Hey kid, listenin’ in Michigan that could be you.”

In should be noted that Obama (clad in a Diane Von Frustenberg wrap dress) also throws down some serious moves while rapping in the White House. And thus, #FlotusBars was born.

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