Nissan Skyline Police Car Spotted In Action

This is an R34-generation Skyline GT-R police vehicle, meaning it has that awesome all-wheel drive setup and turbocharged six-cylinder engine that’s worthy of the Godzilla nickname. It makes at least 276 horsepower and is apparently capable of hitting 300 km/h or 186 mph.

While Japanese police officers are typically found in the boring old Toyota Crown sedan, the pursuit vehicles are bit more specialized. And by specialized, we mean cooler. This R34 is part of a fleet that apparently includes cars like Mazda RX-7s, Honda NSXs, and Nissan Z cars.

The Skyline, in particular, is a rare beast, revered by import sports car fans, and even more of an enigma to those in the western world who weren’t exposed to the wonders of the Skyline nameplate. These things were fast and used to compete with Supras and other borderline exotics.

Seeing one in person is cool enough, but what about seeing a police grade one in action? That’s downright awesome, so one YouTuber couldn’t resist filming when spotted this unicorn in the wild. The video of this car is shaky, but it is clear enough to catch a good view of this rare cop car. According to the uploader, this was spotted on the Kan-Etsu expressway in Japan, with a helmeted and uniformed officer at the wheel.

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