Paloma Faith and Her Boyfriend Leyman Lahcine Welcome First Child

The Picking Up The Pieces singer and her long-term boyfriend Leyman Lahcine have welcomed their first child into the world and the couple are totally ‘in love’ with their new arrival.

Paloma announced the joyous news by posting a photo of a handwritten letter in which she revealed she endured a ‘difficult labour’ and required an emergency caesarean.

Captioning the image of her note ‘God bless the NHS!’ Paloma’s letter read: ‘After a difficult labour resulting in an emergency caesarean I gave birth to my first child with whom I am over the moon, in love and delighted.

‘What a trip! It was all with the help of some incredible doctors, midwives and nurses at UCH NHS Hospital.

‘The devotion, kindness and commitment shown by all of them was second to none and I am humbled by the whole experience.

‘I really believe the NHS to be one of the greatest achievements of this country, and it should be respected and protected by all.

‘I am humbled by the unfaltering dedication I witnessed and received there.

‘So thank you to the NHS, Melissa Whitten, Georgia Seiti, Wendy Hill, all in the Fetal Assessement Unit and the Maternity Care Units. And god bless the NHS! (sic)’

Former The Voice mentor Paloma didn’t reveal the gender of her newborn baby in keeping with her vow to not raise her child in the public eye, which she made when she announced she was pregnant in August.

During her pregnancy, Paloma, 35, kept a relatively low profile and didn’t share any updates or bump photos.

Earlier this year, the vocal powerhouse revealed the big news in a post on her website, telling fans she’s taking some time out as she prepares to be a mum.

In a lengthy post, Paloma wrote: ‘I have spent my whole life wanting to be a mother and now the time has come for me to do so I feel so lucky.’

She started her statement by chatting about progress on her new album before dropping her major news.

The post read: ‘So the good news is my 4th album is well underway and I am very excited about it. It’s actually nearly finished as I type!

‘I have been working with the amazing Jesse Shatkin on it as producer and it has been a real honour. It is called “The Architect” and is very aptly named as it leads me on to my next announcement.’

‘I am so delighted to tell you I am going to take a short while off to have a baby. I have spent my whole life wanting to be a mother and now the time has come for me to do so I feel so lucky.’

The star has been dating Leyman for a few years, confessing in 2015 in an interview with The Telegraph that she had never been happier.

‘I enjoy working hard but I’ve never been in a relationship before that’s made me as happy as I am now’, she enthused.

The singer was previously wed to budding taxidermist Rian Haynes, following a 2005 ceremony at Hackney Town Hall in East London.

But the marriage lasted less than a year before Paloma’s pursuit of stardom saw her ask for a divorce.

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