Rurik Jutting — British Banker ‘Had Narcissistic Disorder’

Double killer Rurik Jutting had sex with transsexuals and searched for sex with other men as his life spiralled out of control from taking drugs and watching violent pornography, a court heard today.

The British banker even lied to his employers he was HIV positive after missing so much work because of his drug use and addiction to prostitutes.

Jutting surfed the gay website Grindr looking for black men to have sex with, his lawyer Tim Owen QC told the court.

He also had encounters with two transsexuals as well as numerous prostitutes while high on drink and drugs.

A court in Hong Kong was told in the two weeks before killing two prostitutes in October 2014 he had failed to turn up for work as he took cocaine and met prostitutes.

The sordid sex life of the Cambridge educated banker was detailed by a top psychiatrist from Broadmoor Hospital for the criminally insane who talked about his lengthy interviews with Jutting in prison.

Professor Derek Perkins spent 15 hours with Jutting earlier this year talking about his early life, work and the death of the prostitutes.

Jutting opened up about his life and how it had spiralled out of control leading to the murder of two Indonesian prostitutes in October 2014.

Jutting, who has admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility but denied murder, told Professor Perkins he wanted ‘new experiences’.

The court has previously heard from UK based psychologist Dr Richard Latham that Jutting suffered from narcissistic personality disorder and sexual sadism disorder.

He had also been abused as a boy at top public school Winchester College and witnessed his father attempt suicide.

The court has been told Jutting was addicted to cocaine and violent pornography and tortured his first victim Sumarti Ningsih, 23, for three days before slitting her throat.

His second victim, 26-year-old Seneng Mujiasih, died after she tried to flee from his luxury high rise flat in Hong Kong.

A £350,000 a year highflying advisor with Bank of America Merrill Lynch he called police from his flat to confess.

They later found 43 videos on his iPhone where he filmed his victims and talked about the horrific torture they had suffered before dying.

The court in Hong Kong was told today after killing his second victim called his boss at the bank to tell them they had to ‘protect their reputation.’

Jutting said: ‘I am in a lot of trouble and you need to do something to protect the reputation of the bank.’

Bank of America have refused to make any comment on Jutting who was employed at their Hong Kong offices for just over a year.

Giving evidence as an expert witness for the defence, Professor Perkins said Jutting’s life began to unravel in 2013 when he came under investigation for financial trading irregularities while working in London for Merrill Lynch.

He said until that time Jutting had described his career as ‘stellar’ but he was put on restricted duties while investigations by financial authorities were carried out.

Professor Perkins said Jutting said his move to Hong Kong in 2013 was a way of ‘getting him out of the way.’

Professor Perkins said: ‘He cried when he got an email that was critical of his actions. He thought it was unjustified and his activities were being monitored.’

The court was told Jutting had been involved in a tax deal for clients that he had been trying to set up in Luxembourg.

As a result he was under investigation for possible violation of trading rules and Jutting admitted he was under a ‘massive amount of stress.’

Professor Perkins said the investigation was a major turning point for Jutting and likely tipped him on the path to become a depraved double killer.

At the time he was earning over £250,000 a year and had been put forward for a Vice President’s position within the bank such was the success he was having.

The investigation by financial watchdogs meant his career had stalled, the court heard and Jutting said he was ‘locked in a battle of wills’ with his bosses.

He was moved to a different part of the bank and later transferred to Hong Kong.

‘Because of his narcissistic personality, success, power and admiration were the things he constantly sought,’ he told the court.

‘They reached their climax and when he was challenged he describes it as a turning point in his career. All the success and admiration would be lost. This is a major blow.’

Jurors were shown iPhone footage of Rurik Jutting (pictured) taken by him during and after he killed two Indonesian women in his luxury Hong Kong flat.

Before moving to Hong Kong Jutting was drinking three quarters of a bottle of vodka to help him get to sleep.

He was also taking large amount of cocaine and when he moved to Hong Kong indulged in his addiction to prostitutes.

‘There was a coming together of events. You could see the general collapse under that situation and the spiral out of control in the use of drugs and sex workers. This was his reaction to the situation.’

The court heard Jutting smuggled cocaine onto a flight back to London for a wedding in 2014.

While staying at the Waldorf Hotel in London he hired two prostitutes and was so drugged up that he was unable to get into work.

Jutting told Professor Perkins he was able to ‘drag himself’ into work but on return to Hong Kong he would spend his time taking drugs, having sex and watching TV, including the series ‘Breaking Bad’.

Professor Perkins said Jutting would watch hours of violent pornography and the torture and murder of the two prostitutes showed he wanted to act out what he had been viewing.

He also said Jutting filmed the women so that he could watch it again for his pleasure.

In the weeks leading up to the killings Jutting searched for sex with men and transgender people as well as numerous prostitutes.

Professor Perkins said Jutting’s personality disorder meant that he was unable to cope with the rejection from work and sought solace from drugs and sex.

He said his sexual sadism escalated in the three years prior to the killings.

His life was out of control, it was chaotic because of the difficulties he had with narcissistic personality disorder it also enabled the development of the sexual sadism disorder

‘His life moved from one of managed success to being out of control with increasing descent into more and more extreme behaviour in substance misuse and his propensity for increased sexual violent fantasies.

‘He had a life plan and this then fell out of his control and he engaged in behaviour and it affected his physical health.

‘He engaged in horrific behaviour. He did it because of the coming together of these different disorders. He did these terrible things that he filmed because he gained pleasure from them and he filmed them so he could re-enact them later.’

Earlier the prosecution had screened parts of the iPhone videos made by Jutting as Dr Latham was cross-examined.

On the film Jutting could be seen showing off a blowtorch he had bought to torture his second victim and a sex toy wrapped in coarse sandpaper he had planned to use.

Dr Latham accepted that Jutting was ‘calm and aware’ of what he was doing but maintained his control was impaired by the amount of drugs and alcohol he had consumed.

Prosecutor John Reading said, ‘Even when he was at his most aggressive, even when he was torturing her, his conduct to her was very controlled.

Latham said that Jutting was in control in parts leading up to the killings but insisted the killings were not something he had planned.

‘There is little doubt in my mind that he knew what he was doing. He clearly remembered it…but knowing what he was doing is different to controlling his behaviour,’ he said.

Lawyers for Jutting closed their case today with two medical experts their only witnesses in the murder trial.

Dr Latham and Professor Perkins were the only people called by Jutting’s team at the court in Hong Kong.

There were no character witnesses or family members who spoke on behalf of the British banker on trial for the murder of two prostitutes in October 2014.

Prosecutors will close their case on Wednesday with testimony from their own psychiatrists who examined Jutting.

The jury of five men and four women will have to decide if Jutting, 31, was so affected by drink, drunks and his personality disorder that he did not know what he was doing or was guilty of murder.

Earlier, Professor Perkins told the court of a rare show of emotion from Jutting while he interviewed him over 15 hours at the Kowloon prison where he has been held in the past two years.

He said Jutting became tearful when talking about his first victim Sumarti Ningsih saying he felt sorry for her as she was trying to do the best for her family and living so far from home.

He had raped and tortured her over a three-day period before slitting her throat and stuffing her body in a suitcase on the balcony of his flat.

Professor Perkins said: ‘He became tearful when talking about one of his victims.

‘I thought it was a real show of emotion and the only show of emotion so it stood out.’

The psychologist said he did not think Jutting was faking the emotion as he was looking away at the time and caught a glimpse of the banker tearing up.

Throughout the trial Jutting has remained impassive as gory videos he made showing the lifeless bodies of his victims were played in court.

Professor Perkins, who interviewed Jutting in January this year, said his father’s attempted suicide when he was 16-years-old would have had an effect on him and helped form his narcissistic personality disorder.

‘The fact that he tried to kill himself and that experience would have an effect on him, he told the court.

The trial was adjourned and continues on Wednesday.

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