Sean Penn and Leila George On the Red Carpet

She is younger than her own daughter – actress Dylan Penn, 25.

But far from being embarrassed by the age difference between him and his latest squeeze, Sean Penn, 56, he was positively looked triumphant as she posed with 24-year-old Leila George on Thursday.

The couple made their first appearance on the red carpet as a couple – just hours after exclusively revealed they were an item.

Fresh from a romantic holiday in Hawaii – where Penn has long owned a house on the seafront in Oahu – the couple had tanned skin alike while smiling next to each other.

The young actress is dressed to impress in a black dress with transparent panels at the waist and arms, while Penn was dressed in a denim buttondown much more relaxed.

Leila wore a red wig over her blond for the event at the Art Museum of Los Angeles County hair.

She had been reading, while Sean then became involved in a round table.

Not the first time the two have worked together – with Leila prior publication of a picture of the two in one study, in which the words of an audio book recorded.

“In the recording studio today Pappy mem-noir Pariah” Bob Honey: just made things “to audible,” she tweeted, alongside a picture of her and Penn.

Australian-born, Leila has a pedigree from the list A, born Greta Scacchi Emmy nominees – who at 56 is the same age as her new man – and Vincent D’Onofrio, 57.

Scacchi is best known for her performances in Broken Trail, Rasputin, and the classic Australian Looking For Alibrandi, while fans will recognize D’Onofrio Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Daredevil, and Jurassic World.

Unlike their parents established acting career Leila is just beginning, with the recently making his screen debut in the television movie for life mother naive, Can I sleep with danger? with James Franco and Tori Spelling.

Before that, the actress honed his craft on stage and prestigious acting schools worldwide.

At 19, he completed a course at the Film School in Sydney Australia, before spending two years studying at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York.

Little else is known about Leila, with the blonde beauty to keep a relatively low profile until his appointment with Penn made public this week.

In vaporous pictures of the couple, actor milk could be seen with passion hollowing neck and Leila’s face as he kisses actress in bikini in the surf.

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