The Numbers Behind The Sub-Reddit “The Fappening” Released [infographic]

Reddit is notorious for having a subreddit for every imaginary idea or interest one can think of. The is virtually a subreddit for everything that can possible come to mind. One of such is “The Fappening” which was one of the website that actually took center stage in the release and distribution of the hacked pictures of the celebrities.

The Fappening in it’s most basic of terms is a combination of two words: Happening and Fapping. The latter refers to the practice of masturbating, and is most often used by female internet users in place of the words masturbation or masturbating. Happening simply refers to an event that is currently underway. Combine the two and you have The Fappening.

Today, another subreddit has posted an infographic calculating the time spend, registration, subscribers as well as the “jizz” released during “The Fappening”.


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