This Dude Get Girl’s Phone Numbers On Tinder By Playing Connect Four

Milton Bradley’s red-and-black Connect Four, which hit the market in 1974, might be the only board game that either isn’t already a movie or in development to become one.

I’d say that’s because there’s literally no plot, but that didn’t stop Battleship. Still, because it’s so easy and fun to play, it’s become a dating icebreaker, even on Tinder, where one guy challenged some female strangers to play him. And if/when they lose? They have to give him their phone number.

01 - gbot9TV

02 - ytCTlAx

03 - LMlv19C

04 - bB4bOAF

05 - 8yDOIZR

06 - bnhUfI2

07 - c6APvLs

08 - jqfjEWc

09 - LcQlaoQ

10 - soYC8D4

11 - nuRaysC

12 - CqQVmdw

13 - d5WmhJk

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