Meek Mill vs Drake All The Diss Tracks Compiled. All You Need To Know

You might have heard of all that is rap battle of 2015 going on and escalating over the past 10 days or so. Meek Mill, a Philadelphia rapper safe to say soon to be fiancé of pink print rapper Nicki Minaj’s, accused our beloved Canadian/American rapper Aubrey Drake Graham popularly known as Drake.

So the question, has Drake been faking it all this whole time? What he didn’t actually write his own lyrics, what if it’s all a facade. What if he’s not as soft as we think? What if the whole team wasn’t there like he rapped it? What if he wears none of his chains while he’s in the house? What if he doesn’t open potato chip bags with scissors?

Since this statement by Meek, they have been engaged in a fight that spans Twitter, Instagram, and diss tracks, ensuring sure that everyone is and will be watching for a next move. There have been insults about prenups, Drake’s writing ability, and Nicki Minaj. What this fight comes down to is a pressing and ever-changing question of authenticity in hip-hop and, perhaps, a brilliant marketing strategy.

Meek dropped his album Dreams Worth More Than Money on June 29, and Drake apparently didn’t tweet out support for the release. So, weeks later, Meek began his assault on Drake in the middle of the night on Twitter; fans were criticizing his music, and he was being compared to Drake:

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