Watch Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Passengers Trailer

Ever have one of those mornings where plop out of bed, rub your eyes and realize that you wake ninety years earlier than originally planned? That’s the setup for passengers.

The upcoming science fiction film in which Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt play intergalactic travelers whose hibernation 120 years aboard the spacecraft Avalon is interrupted unexpectedly, leaving them stranded in their massive ship (and massively malfunction).

The first trailer of the film, which you can see above, sufficient begins cheerfully, with Lawrence and Pratt make the most of their unexpected time together as they play with robots, and hit a bar supervised by a Michael Sheen robot (Is your character named Mo-Sheen? hopefully has named Mo-Sheen).

But soon, the Avalon starts to get glitchy, sending our hero and heroine through a dizzying glove gravity-defying jumps, grueling spacewalks, and kiss very .GIF-fable.

Passengers, which was directed by Oscar nominee Morten Tyldum (The game of imitation), is a relative rarity in modern Hollywood: A big star, big-budget studio film that is not based on a comic existing book, franchise YA, or better SELLERS book (the script, written by Jon Spaihts write Prometheus, it has been floating for nearly a decade).

The film cost about $ 120 million, including a big payday in particular for Lawrence, who more deserves at this point. Let’s find out if the public awakened to Passengers-and whether people listen Iggy Pop in space, when the film opens on Christmas Day.

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