Wiz Khalifa Hands Out Free Kush

Wiz Khalifa was in a charitable mood with the paps Friday night … handing out free weed to his target demo.

We got Wiz leaving Catch in WeHo … with a bag of his own “good s***” you can buy in stores now — because he can’t give all of his KK away.

It really takes something to make us jaded LA-ites turn our heads and go, “Damn! Now that is crazy.”

So ‘thank you’, Wiz Khalifa for proving we can all still be surprised.

This past Friday night, while leaving the club Catch over in WeHo, Khalifa busted out free samples of his OWN brand of kush… and started handing out free samples to his target demo.

Which seems to include the paparazzi. Apparently, the Khalifa Kush (“KK”, as the kids call it) was smelling pretty good and stanky while a charitable Wiz sat in his car, handing out samples to the paps. And Wiz didn’t miss a step giving the sales pitch…

“It’s in stores now… It’s that good sh*t It’s for sale from me, but you can get it in the stores.”

Now, I’m not shocked he is handing out free samples on camera… I’m impressed Wiz has taken the initiative to branch out into a growing market! This is entrepreneurship at its most excellent! He does not seem concerned about the movement to legal…  because he’s starting his own, in his souped up ’64 Impala.

Now for many dubious reasons, I have my doubts the US government will EVER federally legalize marijuana.. but I really appreciate anyone who has jumped in with both feet to create a market for something which sort of needs a small space to stand in this country.

While I myself am not a smoker, the medical benefits seem to be growing and the adverse physical effects (when taken in small doses ), seem to be shrinking.

So yeah, for all kinds of reasons, you know the government is gonna step on its throat.

But in the meantime, over in Venice Beach you do not have to walk that far to find a dispensary where you can pick up some “KK”. Hopefully, you can find it on the shelf right next to the “Jay Zzzz’ and the “Stinky Meeky”.

And while you’re there, please grab some “Minaj à trois ” (which is three different strains of kush blended together to create a big butt… I mean, bud.)

All kidding aside, I can see other rappers jumping in on this game and so, it will all be about branding and I wish I was joking but you KNOW there have been several rappers whose agents are fielding offers from other ‘legal’ weed manufacturers about having them endorse their brand.

Again, I’m so outta the loop on the weed scene in L. A., something tells me Wiz may actually be late to the game.

But “Khalifa Kush” sure does roll off the tongue!

Wiz doesn’t seem concerned about the movement to legalize marijuana in the upcoming election, because he’s starting his own … in his souped up ’64 Impala.

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