Justin Bieber Explain Why He Walked Off Stage

See the time explained why Justin Bieber stormed offstage, saying “obviously Manchester just can’t handle it.”

According to a fan, Justin left the stage for two minutes and returned to tell fans he was “not trying to be an a ** h ****” but would not be talking between songs.

He explained that he was no longer going to talk because he was unable to have a connection to the public if they would not stop screaming.

He said: “I feel like I wanna connect with you. The point of the no screaming thing is that when I’m looking at you in the eyes you know that we’re actually having a moment and having connection.

“So it’s not that I’m being an a**h*** it simply me just wanting to have a moment.

“Manchester you guys are awesome. But then there has to be …”

Justin tailed off from his explanation after realising that fans were still screaming, and added: “I’m just going to quit the talking alright. I’m not going to talk the rest of the night.

“We’re just going to do the music. Obviously Manchester just can’t handle it so let’s do the music.”

The incident happened at around 10pm during his final show of three in Manchester, reports the Manchester Evening News.

During Thursday night’s show at the arena the star sparked controversy after he asked fans to “try and stay as quiet as possible”.

He said: “You can scream as much as you want afterwards but while I’m singing try and stay quiet.”

Later in the show he cut a chat to the audience short while explaining why his tour was called called the Purpose World Tour.

“I just thought I could have a moment to say something. I can cut [it] if you want,” he said

“I’m trying to engage but if you guys don’t want to, I’ll play the music.”

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