Wolverine 3 Teaser Trailer Starring Hugh Jackman

Up until very recently, we haven’t picked up a lot in the way of footage or even images from Logan, otherwise known as Wolverine 3.

That just changed with the departure of the film’s first trailer, and it represents a huge tonal and aesthetic shift from the character’s past appearances.

Here, we see Logan as an aelderer man in a world where most mutants are gone.

Charles Xavier enters his life once again, but he has a young mutant with him — and she looks a lot like X-23, a female clone of Logan’s and the current star of Marvel’s Wolverine comic series.

Logan, starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant, and others, appears to tbroadlyly follow the story of Old Man Logan, a 2008 series written by Civil War scribe Mark Millar.

There, years have passed and Logan is attempting to live a quiet life with his family but is struggling to get by. It isn’t long before his unique skills are called in for a job, forcing him to run into old friends and enemies.

In the run-up to today’s spot, Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold have been tweeting promotional images to get fans excited.

The first, from Jackman, is the film’s poster, featuring Wolverine clutching the hand of the same young girl in this trailer:

Mangold also tweeted an image of Patrick Stewart, who returns to play an extremely aged Professor Xavier:

Movies starring Wolverine don’t have the greatest reputation among fans at this point, but, in what might be Hugh Jackman’s last hurrah as the iconic superhero, this film certainly looks promising. Logan hits theaters on March 3rd, 2017.

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