Woman Cancels Plan to Sell Tickets for Birth Because She Is Having a Girl

A woman who was offering tickets for strangers to watch the birth of her child has canceled the plan because she has found out she is having a girl.

Four people had already paid around $15,000 each to watch Josie Cunningham give birth.

But the British woman has had a change of heart after finding out she is having a daughter.

“I want to enjoy my precious first moments alone with my daughter and my mum — not share them with the world,” she told the Mirror.

“I have been such a silly girl and have lots of regrets. I can see that now I know I am going to have a daughter.”

Cunningham, 24, has two other children.

She rose to notoriety in the UK when it was revealed she had a boob job paid for by the state.

Cunningham said doctors had originally told her she was having a boy.

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