You can be a God with this Kickstarter Project, Meet Zabosu: Remote Controlled Humans

Zabosu, the company that successfully crowdfunded the “The Primer”: A Kinetic Sculpture That Generates Prime Numbers, back in October is out with another project.

They have developed an incredible, almost magical, service that lets one person actually take control of another person, anywhere in the world there’s a 4G cellular signal.

According to their Kickstarter page, The person being controlled, who they call a “zuk,” starts our app and sticks their phone in a pocket, with the camera facing out, to stream live audio and video of their surroundings.

The person controlling them, who they call a “zab,” connects to the stream with a web browser to see and hear everything going on around the zuk, from the zuk’s point of view.

The zab also speaks to the zuk using the computer’s microphone and the zuk’s earpiece. Because the zab’s paying the zuk, the zuk does what the zab tells them to do. The intention, in most applications, is to make the zuk a human extension, or projection, of the zab into whatever environment the zuk happens to be in.

Among other uses, some of the things we imagine Zabosu being used for are sightseeing, gaming, remote trade-show attendance, and technical assistance.

Checkout their Kickstarter page and back this project.

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