3 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors

Plants are some of the most incredible things to have in your home.  They allow us to feel connected to something alive and grow a schedule around them; they also are known to boost our serotonin levels.  If you have some empty counter space or a window that could use some greenery, herbs are the way to go.  All three of these allow for you to prune and pluck as you go- so don’t be scared to take a couple of leaves the next time you cook!

3 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors (4)


Well known for sharp cooling flavors and medicinal uses, mint is one of the world’s most popular herbs.  You cannot only stir it into tea or bake it into muffins, but you can also entertain pets like cats with it- who react to mint the same way they respond to catnip.

3 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors (4)

This plant, with varieties ranging from spearmint to wintergreen, can offer effortless beauty to any home.  This herb does best when grown in partially shaded areas, like kitchen counters, away from bright sunlight, taking six to eight weeks to germinate.


Most mint family plants are known to spread out, so if you plan to plant this outside, keep in mind that they may overtake a garden or yard with ease.  The nice thing about this, though, is you can always give bundles of fresh mint to neighbors or loved ones if you need to get rid of some!

3 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors (4)


Popular in most cuisines, basil is here to add depth and warmth to any dish.  With firmer leaves than most herbs and a need for warm soil, these can be touchier to grow than mint or oregano.  The best time to plant basil seeds is a month or two after your last frost.  They can take eight to twelve weeks to germinate, and the matter you grow them in needs to be warm.  That need doesn’t mean you can’t grow them inside!  When growing basil indoors, keep it close to a window in a warm part of your home.  If you plan on expanding this herb in the winter, keep it closer to where your heat comes from.  Shopping for Albany houses for sale doesn’t mean you have to give up on a winter garden!  You can use a UV lamp to supplement if you don’t get much sunlight in your home.  

3 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors (4)


This herb is the best choice for those brand new to indoor gardening.  Don’t fret if you’re slow to remember to water; oregano has you covered!  This plant grows best in warm environments with moderate sunlight.  Used to drier climates, this herb can go a day or two without watering, unlike the others on this list.  Give it room to grow, prune once the branches and leaves are too full, and you’ll reap the rewards.  This plant can use extra fertilization in the soil, so if you grow this indoors, consider including a little compost or plant food in its pot when you plant it!  Otherwise, it might not grow to its full potential.


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