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Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex is a personalized American restaurant chain that serves Tex-Mex dishes. It was founded in 1995 in the Winter Park, Florida by Brian Wheeler . Before expanding the out-of-state in 2004, the company had 18 locations. Tijuana Flats has more than 135 locations in whole of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Indiana. The Tijuana flats restaurant is fast comfortable hybrid with fresh food items, sauces bars, art murals and off-beat culture. Customers order on front counter and serve after taking seat.

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” History of Tijuana Flats | Tijuana Flats Menu | Tijuana Flats Catering | Tijuana flats Weekly Offers “

History of Tijuana Flats:

Tijuana flats started in Winter Park, Florida. It was prepared after a Mexican restaurant in Gainesville, Burrito Brothers, Florida, and was funded by borrowing $ 20,000 from Wheeler’s family. Wheeler’s former college students made up some of the restaurant’s early customers.

After the third location was opened, Camp Fitch, the executive of the semi-retired restaurant, was invited by his golf companion to Tijuana Flats. In 1999, Fitch invested in the company and appointed his CEO to expand the company. When the fourth place was opened, the founder’s father, Chester Wheeler, was reimbursed for a loan of $ 20,000 used to start the company and joined as a CFO.

In Tijuana Flats, there were six locations till 2001, which increased to 18 places by 2004 and to 65 were done till 2009. In 2005, Tijuana Flats made its training center for restaurant managers in Winter Park. Today, restaurant support and training center is located in Tijuana Flats headquarters in Maitland, in FL 2007, Tijuana flats were transferred from a franchisee model to a corporate-owned store. In the same year, Tijuana Flats made its non-profit hand, Just In In Queso Foundation. The Foundation donated $ 46,000 to reproduce a disabled war veterinary home and started to make profits from the Just To Quaso Hot Sauce Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex

Tijuana Flats Menu:

Here, we shared Tijuana Flats Menu for you,

The entrances to Tijuana Flats include Baritos, Boatito Bowl, Chimichangas, Dos Tacos, Mexican Pizza, Flatas, Fresh Salad, Nachos and Quadils. Guests have their own choice of Tortilla with dough and wheat as well as hard and soft corn with Tacos. All items except flat degrading items come to fill the toppings of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sour cream, and zalpinos, along with chipotal and black chicken, beef, steak, refined and black beans. There are also alternatives to making Entrance PowerLight with low-fat cheese and sour cream; Smoking with quaso, chipotle sauce, or veggie sauce; Megazuna with double meat and cheese; And food with rice, beans and drinks. There are secret menu when an atom bomb is also available along with Mexican pizza and double stack tacos.

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Tijuana Flats Catering:

Tijuana Flats catering packages contain freshly prepared food that makes them famous, and spicy sides and sauces that make them a little bit dangerous

Download Hear: Tijuana Flats Catering Packages

If you want to enjoy Tijuana Flats Catering service, Select the catering package which you want and place your order on their email id or contact number.

email :- [email protected]
contact :-(844) 4TFLATS (483-5287)

Tijuana Flats Weekly Offers:

Tijuana Flats provide offers in every week called “Tijuana Flats Weekly Offers”. Tijuana Flats gives two weekly offers. Tijuana Tuesdaze and Tijuana Thursdaze.

Tijuana Tuesdaze :- Every Tuesday get a special deal on 2 tacos, chips & a drink in just $5.99!
Tijuana Thursdaze :- Every Thursday get a special deal on a Tijuana burrito, chips & a drink in just $5.99!


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