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Buy Women's Ahegao Hoodie and Free Shipping to worldwide - Netloid™ The title of the page

Buy Women’s Ahegao Hoodie and Free Shipping to worldwide

From the world of Japanese erotic art, lustful faces have managed to turn into clothes and have entered the fashion world. One of the most popular is the hoodie, which features collages of multiple haunted faces of different hentai anime. This piece of clothing has a reputation of staggering apparel. Moreover, the design and the hoodie itself are often used for memes about the Ibibio culture.

Ahegao hoodie or hentai clothing makes a great fashion statement. On the one hand, wearing an anime sweatshirt or hoodie is one way to tell the world about interest and identify yourself. It’s just like slipping into the colors of your favorite sports team. On the other hand, saying that you’re a fan of erotic art may attract more attention. The bulk of this focus can be negative, which is similar to the sports team.

Hentai artist Hiru’s image of several anime characters with O-Face has been circulating the internet since 2015. The earliest known photograph of a T-shirt based on that design posted on March 16, 2016, in the South Korean forum. With pictures of phone cases, pillows, and bags of similar design. That year, custom-printed shirts, hoodies, baseball hats, and other items appeared on sites like Paom and Redbubble.

Until recently, many people did not venture to show their love for animated erotica with the help of clothes. Supposedly, a lack of purchase options is one of the reasons. Ahega’s popularity has encouraged many retailers and manufacturers to deliver silly-looking pieces. Ahegao Apparel’s range allows people to show their growth without breaking the taboo.


Where can you Buy?

Hentai fans also buy hoodies and t-shirts, sweatshirts and trousers, skirts and stockings from around the world with their favorite characters who make eyeglasses face expressions. The somewhat trendy design is a layover of different faces, all printed on one piece. Although it’s black and white are the most popular colors, there are other colors available.

One can find a lot of garments on the Chinese retail platform Cousue. On average, Ahegao hoodie costs between $ 10 and $ 20. On , prices are a little higher up to 30 dollars, possibly because these are similar Chinese clothing plus US. You can also buy it on eBay or Etsy, whichever you choose.

Ahegao Face Hoodie

Ahegao face hoodie has a big middle girl in a boat, and her back has a design that is similar to the front. Its design looks beautiful and high quality. It has no pixelation or blurring. There is a big difference between colored and colorless Buy Ahegao hoodie designs. After all, it is merely a group of women and girls wading through the open damp moose for the apparent purpose of materializing the heart in their eyes. The point is, there are no real nudes or sex.

Ahegao Shirt

Womens Ahegao Dress is made of a standard cotton and polyester blend. But in addition to that, artificial velvet has also been added, which softens the shirt and makes it comfortable to wear.

ahegao girl dress

Do you worry because it has cotton, if you wash it it will shrink? Well, you’re probably free to do whatever you want, and it’s best if you stop worrying about it. Because the material you get from the cotton and polyester blend doesn’t shrink or if it does, it’s the only thing worth noting. This blended material is not as expensive as pure cotton, requires less maintenance, and is both breathable and sweat resistant.


  • It’s unique, and it also shows you your uniqueness. Acting as a training tool can help to fight social anxiety, confusion, and fundamentalism.
  • You feel comfortable and not becomes sweat because it is breathable and not hot.
  • It won’t increase your temperature too much, so it’s good for the summer.


  • It is not suitable for winter
  • you may have trouble with people while you are wearing it.


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