Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Flower Girl Dresses

When Buying Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girl dresses are the perfect addition to any wedding ceremony; there are so many ways you can customize the dresses and make them beautiful. It’s all about choosing the perfect dress, her shoes, and accessories such as headband, tiara, veil or even a cute fascinator, that suits your little girl and ensures she feels like a princess for the day. However, there are common mistakes that brides often make when they’re buying their flower girl dresses which is why we’re here to tell you what to avoid during the purchasing process. It’s so easy to make slight mistakes that can potentially ruin her day, hence, here are some advice we can offer and make the day the best it can be!

Buying the Dresses Too Early

Unlike bridal dresses, it’s practically impossible to buy your flower girl dresses in advance. Why is this? Because children grow at a faster rate and ordering their dress too early can mean when it comes to the big day, they may not even fit into it. You can take a look at some potential candidates beforehand and get a general idea of the dress you wish to buy for her, but we would say not to buy it any earlier than a week or two before. It is surprising how quickly they can have a growth spurt and mean their dress will not fit. Even if you have to choose the dress months in advance but only purchase the correct size a week before, you can still be organized.

Color Clashing

A lot would choose white flower girl dresses, but they’re not always essential instead you might end up selecting a color that matches with your bridesmaids. However, if you’re going with the color matching option, then we would suggest avoiding any clashing colors. There are so many flower girls dresses out there to choose from; it would be a shame to have a dress that clashes with your other choices. If you want to match the bridesmaid dresses, then we would suggest choosing the same color but a lighter shade for the little girl. To better help you with the color mix and matching, you also order color swatches from bridal shops such as JJ’s House.

Stay Away from Long Gowns

Avoiding long gowns for your wedding ceremony will mean you’re decreasing the risk of your flower girl falling over in different places. When you’re choosing a dress, ensure she can comfortably walk along in it without any issues, and the dress will be perfect.

Flower Girl Dresses

Don’t Choose the Dress without the Little Girl Present

Little girls have fashion choices too! They love to be involved with the choice of their dress, and it can ruin how they feel for your entire wedding day if they don’t like the style of dress you have chosen. Not only it is important that the little girl is present to try the dress on ensuring it fits correctly, but you should ask for her opinion too. Normally children would like ball gown dresses to make them look like a princess hence, you may have them wear a petticoat to make the chosen dress fuller. In addition, there could be a tendency that you will have to compromise on the color or design if she doesn’t like it, but ultimately, she is the person wearing it.

Consider the Weather

The weather will depend on the season you’re having your wedding, whether it may be summer, winter or fall. You have to consider the weather and how cold or hot it will be before choosing your little flower girl dress. You want to ensure she is comfortable and it should not be too hot nor cold during the day. The season itself sometimes plays a great role in choosing the wedding colors, most especially when it’s spring when there are a lot of fabulous flowers growing around. This could also mean that you will be saving on wedding flowers as you can just pick fresh flowers to use as bouquets for both the bride and the bridesmaids.


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