All The Tracks on Rihanna’s 8th Album Has Just Leaked

Rihanna has been working behind the scene readying her 8th album due next month. Sources connected with the project leaked the working track listing for the highly anticipated album that will see guest features from Nicki Minaj and Drake.

The album title and number of tracks has not been confirmed but our sources say fans can expect a regular version and a deluxe copy with bonus tracks.

The authenticity of the track list has not been verified but Rihanna tweeted about some of these titles in some cryptic tweets on her Twitter page.

1. Lost Files
2. A Drug & A Dream
3. Pray 4 Me
4. Got Barz (Possible Nicki Minaj collaboration)
5. No Drama
6. Fallin In Love
7. Trouble In Paradise
8. All Nighter
9. Trouble
10. Lets Dance
11. Let It All Out
12. Real Talk (Possible Drake collaboration)

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