Atlanta Archbishop Used $2.2m Of Church Funds To Build Mansion. He Repents After Parishioners Are Angry

Archbishop Wilton Gregory built a 6,000-plus square foot mansion in the exclusive Buckhead neighborhood using money from an inheritance gifted to the Archdiocese.

Trying to appease many angry parishioners, the archbishop of Atlanta said Saturday that he will sell a luxury $2.2 million mansion built using church funds, just three months after he moved in.
Archbishop Wilton Gregory announced the decision following a closed-door meeting with members of several church councils at his headquarters north of Atlanta.

He publicly apologized Monday for building the Tudor-style residence and said he will move out in early May.
‘I have decided to sell the Habersham property and invest the proceeds from that sale into the needs of the Catholic community,’ Gregory told The Associated Press after the meeting. He declined to take questions.

Gregory arrived at the meeting at the Archdiocese of Atlanta in his Lexus, according to news reports. About 60 people — including religious clergy and laypeople — attended the meeting, which started with a prayer led by Gregory.





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